Lissy Trullie - Lissy Trullie

This is more ambitious than her debut EP. Entering new wave territory, with electro-pop production, Lissy Trullie moves a few notches forward from where she started 3 years ago. It's still fashion rock, just as the EP was, meaning she puts style before songwriting. That's not a bad thing. It worked for Suede. What she lacks, is songwriting prowess. She is a competent musician, but these songs are the equivalent in depth of a Duran Duran record. She's not singing about anything particularly emotional, nor is she confessional or deeply poetic through out the album. It all fits the fashiony image that goes along with Lissy's persona as NYC it-girl. This is a step in the right direction, but isn't astounding musically. Perhaps this will make its way into the chapters of indie pop history. We shall see.


  1. haters gonna hate...

  2. Lissy Trullie is not fashion rock. Did you read her bio or listen to the album?