TEEN - In Limbo

TEEN is buzzing around New York, and now around the world. They have gotten press before actually playing a lot of shows. This is how it’s done for lots of new bands that want attention more than the old fashioned way (touring, touring, and touring). Their sound is similar to other female rock bands, like Warpaint or even some of the later Breeders albums. But something about TEEN doesn’t match up to the rest. I could be too critical for such a new band, comparing them to others, but that’s the initial reaction. They do sound similar to Warpaint, but they’re not as good at their instruments. Most won’t care, but I hear the difference. Warpaint sound like musicians that practiced their instruments growing up, before they aspired to success. TEEN sound like they just started playing, and they happened to have the right connections. This brings up an existential musical question about the current state of the business. Is there a correct way for a band to become all they can be? Is it all luck and lifestyle above music creds? Depends on the listener. For me, I like bands to have notches on the their belt before I read about them in every music rag, but TEEN played some shows, this is their sound, perhaps it’s all in the eye of the beholder as they say. I’ll have to put this one aside and see if the appeal comes back to me, but for now, if I’m in the mood for this style of music, I’d rather listen to Warpaint. Sorry girls, but I think you need a bit more experience honing your talents before you apply for the pitchfork.com rating.