Automatic Children - Johnny - Vinyl Pre Order

VINYL. It’s rare these days, when a band doesn’t try to copy a pre-existing fad, nor do they try to sound like post-apocalyptic noise posing as art. Automatic Children are neither. They are a rock and roll band, nothing more, nothing less. They write good songs, and then they write more good songs. It’s not about trying to reinvent some image, or find the next big hit. This was the spirit of indie-rock before every band became indie rock, when it had a sound that didn’t require anything more than a good melody, some catchy lyrics, and a rockin’ rhythm section. You can hear punk and pop influences, but the band’s sound is clear and decisive, direct and to the point. You’ll either get it, or you won’t. No need for gimmicks or PR tricks, if you grew up with a cool record collection, this is one to add to it.

Automatic Children’s latest 7” vinyl single was recorded at Brooklyn’s vintage/analogue recording studio- Emandee. It’s an old fashioned single, side A/side B, two songs that will stick in your head shortly after the first listen. “Johnny” is an uptempo toe tapper, as catchy as songs come. It reminds me of something Paul Westerberg would have written for a John Hughes movie from the 80’s, similar to a classic Replacements’ song and I wouldn’t be surprised if this winds up in a chick-flick movie soundtrack. “Now you know” is the missing Pixies song. Everyone that hears that “Where is my mind” song, wishes there were more like it. 

There are some bands that just don’t have the knack for songwriting, but they maneuver their way around it with slick production or trending themes. Automatic Children follow their heart, the soul of rock and roll pumping through every beat and never off-track from the band’s purpose, to produce a great song you’ll want to listen to again and again. 


  1. Hi you can download it in any format, free of charge.