Beady Eye announce new album "BE" details

Front man Liam Gallagher and his band Beady Eye have announced their new album will be called BE and will hit the stores this summer on June 10th.

The group’s second album was recorded under the direction of US producer Dave Sitek, member in TV on the Radio, and recent producer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ newest LP, Mosquito. Liam describes Dave as “the maddest bastard in thick-rimmed glasses since my grandma”

“Working with Sitek just opened something up in us. He’s without a doubt the best producer I’ve ever worked with, a real outlaw – he doesn’t give a fuck, no rules,” Liam Gallagher told

Liam: “I love him: he’s an outlaw. He definitely didn’t come over to London to see the Queen, know what I mean? He came to make a good record. When people mention ‘experimenting’, the thing about that word, it makes it sound like they’re really f*cking trying hard. But we didn’t really try that hard, man. We just laid it on the line. He was like, ‘I’m not here to make demos sound better, I’m here to f*cking toss it up in the air and see what happens.’ And he did, but that’s as far as experimenting went. We weren’t sitting there going ‘Right, we need to do more of this kind of thing’ or whatever, because I find all that sh*t f*cking hard work.”

Liam: “It weren’t all f*cking rosey, that’s for sure. We had a couple of ding dongs, definitely. Not fisticuffs, but there was a lot of…”

Bassist Andy Bell adds: “…push and pull. We pushed him and he pushed us.”

Liam promises a much more experimental album than the previously released debut Different Gear Still Speeding. Hence, some of the tools used to create the new album should be of no surprise – it included using a mixture of ‘Protools, cassette tapes, samplers, recorded conversation, iphone apps and unusual instrumentation’.

“We had a new found focus when we were writing it – we really got our heads down and got our shit together – clear heads, none of that crap from the 90s. It feels like a really special record for us.”

Last week Beady Eye’s new track called Flick of The Finger leaked online (via Live4ever’s forum) after being played by US radio station KCRW a week before its debut in the UK .

Gem Archer comments: the song was derived from an old Liam demo of a song called Velvet Building – “It was on cassette, that’s how long ago it was,” says Gem – it was briefly mooted for the aborted, Death In Vegas-produced Oasis album in 2004.

The spoken word bit is taken from Tariq Ali’s book Street Fighting Years: An Autobiography Of The Sixties, with the words – “whose weapons rapidly developed by servile scientists will become more deadly until they can, with a flick of the finger, tear a million of you to pieces” – originally those of 18th-century French political theorist and “friend of the people” Jean-Paul Marat.

There’s also a Liam ballad featuring a track called ‘Don’t Brother Me’

Liam says about it: “Well, it just sounds shi*t, Don’t Sister Me, doesn’t it? Especially when I haven’t got a sister.” and adds “Yeah, yeah, people will pick up on it, but I’m ready to go there. So yeah: it’s about Our Kid.“

Liam promises some “interesting gigs” going forward with a refreshed and reinvigorated band.

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