AxelJordan "Release You" single

Solo artist and upcoming songwriter AxelJordan is on the New York scene with a new single "Release You". It's club electronica: makes you wanna dance, makes you wanna move. His style is a combination of techno rock beats with over the top Pop melodies, somewhere between Michael Jackson and Maroon 5. It's a funky song with a catchy hook that truly showcases AxelJordan's vocal skills. The beats are poppin too.

"Writing this album has been a roller coaster ride, literally. For me, it's always about connecting; to myself & everyone around me. It's about being vulnerable, being strong, being honest, all the while, becoming better for them all. If you thought "Release You" was a great start, you're in for it! My album's a journey..." - AxelJordan

He could very well have a hit off the first record, if he highlights his all around talents throughout shows and his album. I look forward to hearing the full length. But for now, check out the single "Release You".

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