Eve Minor "Ex-Rated" - break out artist of 2013

Eve Minor is hitting the radio waves with her “Ex-Rated” EP, mixing elements of pop and electronic dance music for the habitual club goer and party monsters. There are five songs, all funked out and upbeat. She sings with a powerful conviction through distorted effects and a punk rock attitude. These jams are hot! Summer brings out the best in pop music and this girl’s got mixes that would give Rihanna and Ke$ha a run for their money. I like the way she incorporates dirty techno beats with unforgettable melodies and trance induced production patterns. It’s hypnotic, exotic and far out freaky fun that’ll make your body move. Hit play and take a drive to the beach to these jams, you’ll be hearing her music on the top 40 charts in no time.

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