Gnarly Karma's new album "Classic Breeze" shines its way to the top!

Gnarly Karma are playing shows around the city this month. They have a new release (Classic Breeze) that's groovy and funky and right at the tip of the iceberg for new bands coming out of Long Island, New York. There is a burgeoning music scene on the island where most of the bands are fusing new and old influences in a special way. Gnarly Karma mixes Rock, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Ska and any other musical genre you can think of. They're a one of a kind band led by a stellar singer/songwriter- Mike Renert. The album goes through a lot of moods. "Been There Before" is a great example of how soothing and soulful their music can get. It's a love song with a driving waltz. "Directions" has a vaudevillian drum beat that perfectly blends Rock and Jazz. One is reminded of the jam band groups of the 1990's like Dave Matthews & Phish but Gnarly Karma are more about their songs than full-on jamming. Not that they can't jam out with the best, but Classic Breeze is more for the songwriters and song lovers. It's a collection of songs to get you through the day. Like all classic records, each song paints a different picture with lyrics you can relate to. It's a solid debut and I highly recommend seeing them live in action!

You can download the album from iTunes HERE.
Next show is at The Bitter End, January 23 

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